What is your delivery area?
We use Deschutes Couriers LLC to ship our deliveries. We have a contract with them to only accept orders in city limits.
Our contract makes us able to accept orders in Deschutes River Woods and slightly outside the city limits for an
additional fee.

Why can't I order from any restaurant in Bend?
We only service restaurants on our website. We make a commission on the sale and have billing arrangements set up
with these restaurants.

Can I use a credit card?
Certainly, the drivers in the courier company carry around devices that allow them to run credit cards over their
smart phones.

Do you offer Gift Certificates?
Yes gift certificates are available in any amount. Simply call 541-382-8844

Can I use a restaurant coupon?
Restaurant coupons are generally not accepted. If so they will be speciffically labeled as such.

Why is your listed menu price higher than the restaurants?
It should not be. Currently we do not advertise any restaurants that are not menu price. If you find prices that are
current and different than ours please let us know.

Why do you no longer accept checks?
A very high percentage of checks paid to us are returned. Our bank charges a signifficant fee for this service and it is
simply not worth the risk. Drivers are allowed to accept checks with dispatcher approval only. Long time and business
customers are still approved.

What are your terms of use?
By placing an order or causing an order to be placed you agree to the following: The order can not be cancelled once it is
placed with a restaurant by us. The person or persons causing that order to be placed will accept liability for the payment
of said order. If a payment is returned by your financial institution you agree to make Take Out Today, Inc. whole including
any fees for food, delivery, tip or fees charged by our financial institution as a result of the delinquent payment. You also
agree that we are providing pre packaged restaurant food and are not responsible for the preparation or safe handling or
contamination by allergens. You agree that we do not have the food in our posession long enough to be the cause of any
food born pathogen (less than one hour). You further agree that if you have an allergy or an aversion to a food item that you
will deal with the restaurant directly and not cause us to be a party to a transaction that could possibly harm you. You also
agree that all food allergens can exist in every restaurant we arrange delivery for and agree to hold Take Out Today, Inc and
it's affiliates harmless for any claim arrising from any cross contamination, menu change or any other claim relating to the
preparation or handling of food items. If you can be harmed with a food allergy we are sorry but we are unable to
accomodate you. We do not have any control over the food product and are not always made aware of menu changes.
Menu items, prices, descriptions, recipes and ingredients are subject to change without notice.

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This page was last updated: August 26, 2016
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