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Delivery Hours:
Lunch  Mon-Fri 11:00 -2:00
Dinner  Monday - Thurs   4:30-8:30
Friiday  4:30 - 9:00
Saturday 1:00-9:00
Sunday 1:00-8:00
550 NW Franklin Ave. Suite 148
Bend, Oregon
Noi Thai in Bend Oregon is availavle for delivery during lunch and dinner. Noi Thai has been very popular.  Iwould have to say the signature dish on Noi Thai's menu is the Crispy Garlic Chicken.  This dish at Noi Thai is sweet and spicy, but not too spicy.  You can get this dish of Noi Thai's menu as spicy as you would like. I have tried five stars at Noi Thai and have found that it is not out of the realm of what a normal dinner could enjoy.

Remember when choosing a menu item most items will be made to your preference. Noi Thai entree's off of their menu are available in spicy levels from one to five stars. Entree's on this menu will also be available with your choice of Jasmine rice, Brown rice, Coconut rice or Ginger rice. Personally I always go for the Brown rice, but the most popular of Noi Thai's rices has been the Coconut rice when people are ordering off of Noi Thais menu.

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